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Candle Snuffer, Witchy Candle Snuffer, Candle Extinguisher, Brass Candle Snuffer, Candle Snuffer for Magick, Candle Snuffer for Spells

Lovely brass candle snuffer with a turned wooden handle.


Many witches believe that it is critical not to blow out a spell candle. Instead if you must extinguish a spell candle, they opt to "snuff" the candle out. And while you can do this with an old spoon or other utensil, this is a lovely option as a dedicated tool.


Long, turned wooden handle lends grace and helps to reach candles that may be in difficult spots or at bad angles.


The snuffer pivots on the handle to allow for maximum flaxibility of use.


Snuffer is 12" in total length. Designed to fit over the head of a standard taper candle. I also use this to snuff pillars and votives by touching it down until the flame is extinguished.


You will receive 1 wood and brass candle snuffer.  Candles sold separately.

Candle Snuffer

SKU: candlesnuffwoodhandle
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