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Calm and Clear Spray, Witches Peace Spray, Soothing and Calming Spray, Witches Spray for Overactive Mind, Room and Body, Clarity spray


The use of Australian Bush Flower Essences has been a lovely element to my practice for many years. This sweet spray incorporates Australian Bush's Calm and Clear compound together with essential oils and moon water, crystals, to make a captivating and calming luxury spray!


This Calm & Clear spray incorporates essential oils of Sweet Orange and Ylang Ylang, to calm the over-active mind. The bottle also contains gemstone chips and crystals and the base is Moon Water!


The Arachne's Web sprays are made for those who want to purify and clear space and items, but either can't use smoke for health or other reasons, or just prefer to use another option. I began making sprays because I have asthma, and being around any smoke - including smoke from Sage or Palo Santo - makes me cough and wheeze.  I wanted a way to consecrate and clear my space and my tools and myself, and to enjoy the soothing scents of Lavender and other essential oils, but found I had to be very careful about what form and how strong those scents were.


Over the years, I experimented with many different types of sprays. I tried a variety of oils and essential oils, from multiple suppliers. Many of them gave me allergy headaches and some made me cough or get a runny nose. I finally discovered that the only option for me was to use organic essential oils, in relatively light saturation, with pure carrier oils and other bases. No chemicals, no additives.


The sprays I make today are made with distilled water, pure essential oils, Australian Bush Flower Essences (see the article linked below) and Natural (untreated) gems and crystals. They sprays are Reiki charged, and spend 1 full moon cycle (1 month) on my altar. They charge under the sun or moon, as appropriate for the working, and as such are a limited supply item.


The bottle is shipped capped tightly, with a sprayer included in the package. This is to avoid any potential for leaking during shipping.


You will receive one 4 oz bottle of crystal clear moon water and essential oil spray.


Wonder what Flower Essences are? They are vibrational healing essences gathered from the perfect first blooms of flowers. Flower Essences are miraculous for healing, calming and clearing, and best of all can be used internally or externally with no fear of interaction with other medicines or elements. Unlike Essential Oils or herbs, Flower Essences cannot adversely effect the user. They are channeled from the spiritual essence of the flowers. And they work! I use them at home all the time.


Note: This information is for entertainment purposes only.

Calm and Clear Clearing Spray

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