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California White Sage bundle, Ethically Harvested White Sage, Witch's White Sage, Sage for Witchcraft, Sage for Clearing by Smoke

California White Sage Smudge Stick, Large


Used in Native American culture to clear spaces and individuals, white sage has grown steadily in popularity for many years. The scent of burning sage is unmistakable!


These are nice, large sized bundles, tightly packed and wrapped in the traditional way. 


Light the sage, allow to burn for a few seconds and blow it out, then blow on it to keep it smoldering. The smoke is what is used to clear space, tools, and people.


Ethically sourced White Sage from the United States.


This is a large bundle, approximately 7" long and 1.5" in diameter. If you are looking for a smaller bundle, see this listing:  Small Sage Bundle


You will receive one (1) large Sage Bundle.

California White Sage Bundle

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