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Calamus Root for Magic, Witch's Calamus for Spells, Calamus for Rituals, Calamus Root for Witchcraft


Also known as: German Ginger, Sweet Flag




Latin:                 Calamus radix
Element:           Water   
Gender:            Feminine
Planet(s):          Moon   
Zodiac:              Taurus, Gemini
Chakras:           Root, Solar Plexus   


Magical Properties & Uses:

Luck, money, fortune, wealth, healing, prosperity and protection. Often used in Money bowls and jars. Used for dominance, control, and black magick.


Note: Not for internal use.  Use in witch bottles, mojo bags, bowls and jars for spells. 


This listing is for a 1 ounce bag, not a jar, which ships with a correspondence card of magickal references. 


Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Calamus Root for Witchcraft

SKU: HerbCalamusRoot
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