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Plain Ceramic Candle Holder in Black or White, Chime Candle Holder, Simple Chime Candle Holder for Spells

Mini ceramic candle holder for chime candles: 1" wide x 1" deep x 1.25" tall.


Used by witches everywhere for ritual, chime candles are the perfect size! Easy to carve with a small knife or even a pin, and easy to dress with anointing oil or herbs, these little candles come in a rainbow of colors for any kind of ritual spell work.


But how to hold them? This cool take on the mini chime candle holder is a wonderful answer!


Ceramic mini chime holders come in a rainbow of colors for every style or type of Witchcraft.  We will be listing a number in other colors soon, but this listing is for either a black or a white chime holder - your choice at checkout.


These ceramic holders, hold mini chime candles perfectly. Has a small footprint, just barely larger than the candle itself.


Listing is for one candle holder, choose the color when adding to cart.


Candles sold separately.

Black or White Ceramic Chime Candle Holder

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