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Bayberry root bark is used in American folk magick to wonderful effect!




Latin: Myrica pensylvanica

Also known as: Wax Myrtle

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Earth

Energy: Feminine


Magickal Uses: Luck, prosperity, and protection from evil. Home blessings and money magick, wealth and abundance.


One popular way to use Bayberry is to make a "Money Mojo Bag". Take a small green bag, add some bayberry bark and a piece of aventurine, and keep on you. Aventurine invites good luck (especially in the area of money), while keeping bayberry bark on you increases your financial gain.


Another is to sprinkle bayberry bark around a spell candle while performing a spell. Try using a Bayberry candle for money and prosperity spells!


You will receive one ounce of bayberry root bark, bagged, with an information card of correspondences.

Bayberry Root Bark for Magick

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