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Arachne's Pendulum, Black Onyx Pendulum with Web and Spider, Silver Toned Black Pendulum for Dowsing, Spider Themed Pendulum


I use a pendulum when I read Tarot. When I feel uncertain about a card or series of cards, I use the pendulum to access my deeper consciousness and bypass my "logical mind" that tends to doubt. I also use a pendulum to find lost objects, to decide which flower essence to take...the list goes on. 


This wonderful little pendulum is made from a black onyx point in a silver plated setting. The point is dangling from a silver plated chain. The 'handle' is a little silver toned spider web, and the little spider dangles freely just below the web when you use your pendulum. The finished pendulum is adorable!


Finished length of the chain is about 7". With the end and crystal point, about 10" total. 


Arrives boxed and ready for gifting.


How to Use a Pendulum

  1. Hold it by the end (the pentagram).
  2. Ask it, either allowed or in your head, to "show you Yes". Focus on the word YES. Wait until the pendulum starts to move. Then make note of how it moves.
  3. My pendulum moves in circles, clockwise for YES, counter-clockwise for NO.  Some people say their pendulum swings away from them in a straight line for yes or no, and side to side for the opposite. This is individual and there is NO WRONG WAY.
  4. Once you understand what YES is, ask it to show you NO. Keep the word NO in clear in your mind until the pendulum starts to move.
  5. For me, when the pendulum swings back and forth in a line instead of a circle, it means "maybe" or "can't answer now".
  6. You can also ask the pendulum to point to lost objects, waiting for it to swing, pointing in a direction. I have found countless misplaced items that way!

Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Arachne's Pendulum in Black Onyx

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