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Anyone who has ordered herbs, roots or flowers from us knows, when the package arrives, it comes with a file card with the correspondences for the plant. Education is hugely important to us, and this is one way we try to give value add when you choose to order your herbs form us.


Well, now you can order the entire set of information cards on their own - as a download! You can print them on any paper or card stock you choose!


one great way to use these is to write the name of the plant on the back, then quiz yourself on the properties. Another is in your herbal Book of Shadows or grimoire. 


A companion set of jar labels will be coming soon that includes the properties with the plant names on 2 sizes of label template. They are designed to look nice, but also help you quickly identify plants for a specific spell while working.


This is for 1 download. This does not allow you to resell the cards, nor to sell them once thye are printed. These are for personal use.


I hope they help with your studies and make it easier to learn and do magick!

Arachne's Full Set of Herbal Correspondence Cards

SKU: herbalcorrespondencecards
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