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Mojo Wish Beans, African Wish Beans, Mojo Beans, Witchy Herbs, Mojo Beans for Magick, Mojo Wish Beans for Spells, Witch's Mojo Wish Beans


Not for internal use.


Mojo Wish Beans also called African Wishing Beans are believed to possess the power to make your wishes come true. In some beliefs they are distributed for luck or carried in a flannel bag to obtain desires.


Use: Carry 1 Mojo Bean for each wish in a small bag for 7 days.


These African beans are a novelty that I wanted to try. I have heard they are used a great deal in Voodoo and Hoodoo, and wanted to offer them for my customers who practice those crafts, but I was also curious myself. I am planning to try them out leading up to the full moon this month!


This listing is for 16 Wish beans in a package, with background information printed on a separate card.

It is important to remember that magick comes from you! Any spell or ritual is only as strong as your intension and your focus. You can use many different herbs and items for a wish bag or spell.


Note: The information above is for entertainment purposes only.

African Mojo Wish Beans

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