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Rope Incense Burner, Brass Rope Burner, Burner for Rope Incense, Burner for Tibetan Rope Incense

Have you tried to find a burner for rope incense and never been able to find one? Me too!  So we made one. More acurately, I asked and Mars made one. 😉


Mars used thick, brass stock, with a heavy little brass component and voila! We had a rope burner.

We are selling the base and the hook, you can use them in any dish. We've tried it in a variety of little dishes to catch the ashes. Works in an ashtray, small saucer, little altar tile...whatever you have.  


Rope incense is commonly used by the monks form Tibet. It has a clean, softer scent than many sticks of cones. I think it burns a little faster than cones, but it delivers a wonderful scent.  We sell a couple of types on our web site, and we can happily carry more now that we have this cool burner!




Update: We were playing with the burner ourselves and realized you can use it to burn stick and cone incense too! Just pop out the upright piece, and the base works to hold a cone or a stick - the stick goes into the hole where the rope holder goes. one note - if you do decide to burn stick incense in it, I owuld try a larger plate for ash catching. THe one shown in the pictures didn't catch too much.


Please note:  You will receive one hook and one brass base, saucers are sold separately.  The hook stands in the base on any dish or saucer you choose.

Adaptable Rope Burner

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