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Abramelin Ritual Oil, Anointing Oil for Candles and Tools, Oil for Candle Magick, Witch's Anointing Oil for Consecration


Arachne's Web Ritual Oils are hand-crafted during the phase of the moon appropriate to the work. Each oil is custom blended using organic ingredients - pure organic essentials oils and organic carrier oils - and organic herbs and gemstones.


The ingredients are combined, and are kept in sacred space for one full cycle of the moon. Tended daily with incantations and intent to bring you potent, powerful products!  This oil was created during the full moon cycle that ended with the October Blood Moon.


This Abramelin oil is from an ancient recipe. This oil has been used for centuries to consecrate alras space and tools. 


This oil is safe for most asthmatics (I am one myself), and I use no chemical fragrance ingredients. I have kept the amount of essential oil at a level to make it easier for people with breathing challenges.  Please always test your own tolerance in a safe way the first time you use any product with essential oils if you are sensitive!


You will receive a 2 oz glass bottle.


Contains: Extra virgin olive oil infused with Organic Calamus Root, Galangal Root, Bloodstone and Obsidian. Essential oils of Cinnamon and Myrrh added.


Please note this is not perfume. Cinnamon can be a minor skin irritant, so this is for anointing candle and tools. If you wish to anoint yourself, please test a small area for sensitivity first.


Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Abramelin Ritual Anointing Oil

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