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3 Blue Lace Agates Tumbled, 3 Tumbled Blue Lace Agates, 3 Smooth Tumbled Blue Lace Agate Crystals


Blue Lace Agate has an incredibly soft and sweet energy. Mostly opaque, with slight striping of lighter and a little deeper tones of palest blue.




Birthstone:            None
Zodiac:                   Pisces
Chakra(s):              Brow, Crown, Heart, Throat
Number:                  5
Elements:               Air, Water
Planet:                    Mercury


Magickal Properties:


Calming emotions, new beginings, clarity, communication, gaining confidence, colling emotions, (increasing) receptive energy, releasing fear, grounding, happiness, healing, the home, inspiration, (angel) magick, manifestation, calming the mind, patience, peace, sensitivity, stress, transformation and trust.


To clear stones and crystals of energies and charge it with your intention:


  • Use sea salt - burying the stone in the salt over night
  • Put the stones into direct, full sunlight for a day or two
  • Use sage, Palo Santo or other ritual clearing smoke to clear the crystal
  • Use Reiki energy to clear and re-energize your crystal


This listing is for 3 Blue Lace Agates as shown with an information card of correspondences.


Note: The information above is for entertainment purposes only.

Agate, Blue Lace 3 Tumbled

SKU: StoneBlueLaceAgate
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