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3 Aquamarines Tumbled, 3 Pale Green Aquamarine Stones, 3 Tumbled Smooth Aquamarines Crystals


Aquamarine is a lovely stone, with gentle, wonderful energy.




Birthstone:         March
Zodiac:                Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo
Chakra(s):           Heart, Sacral, Throat
Number:              1
Element:              Water
Planetary:           Moon, Neptune


Magickal Properties:  

Banishing, calm, clarity, communication, compassion, courage, creativity, (receptive) energy, grief, happiness, healing, insight, inspiration, knowledge and learning, (self) love, loss, (harmonious) marriage, (inner) power, protection, psychic ability, rebirth/renewal, strength, visions, wisdom.


To clear stones and crystals of energies and charge it with your intention:


  • Use sea salt - burying the stone in the salt over night
  • Put the stones into direct, full sunlight for a day or two
  • Use sage, Palo Santo or other ritual clearing smoke to clear the crystal
  • Use Reiki energy to clear and re-energize your crystal


This listing is for 3 small Aquamarine stones. Image 2 shows scale with a U.S. quarter.



Note: The information above is for entertainment purposes only.

Aquamarine, 3 Tumbled

SKU: StoneAquamarine
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