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Tumbled Amethyst, Witch's Amethyst



Many years ago, there was a beautiful girl named Amethyst. She was so beautiful, that she caught the eye of the god Bacchus. He fell hopelessly in love with the girl, trying everything to win her heart, but she would have none - she rejected him completely.  

One day, in a fit of temper the god turned the beautiful maiden to a pillar of clear crystal. This was permanent once done. When he saw what he had done, he wept bitterly over the statue, staining it forever with his deep, purple tears of remorse. This is how Amethyst got its color.


Safe to use in water or oil: Yes




Planets:         Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto

Zodiac:          Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo

Element:        Water

Energy:          Feminine/Masculine

Number:        3

Chakras:        Brow, Crown

Celebration:   Imbolc, Mabon

Tarot:              Temperance, Wheel of Fortune

Birthstone:      February


Magickal Correspondences:


Awareness, balance, (spiritual) beginnings, calm, changes, communication, (improved) focus and concentration, dream work, gratitude, grounding, spiritual growth, general healing, intuition, manifestation, optimism, inner peace, psychic ability, purification, rebirth/renewal, stability, transformation, well-being and wisdom. Good stone for anyone starting sobriety!


You will receive 3 tumbled Amethysts, as shown. Sizes vary slightly.


Note: The above information is for entertainment purposes only.

Amethyst, 3 Tumbled

SKU: StoneAmethystTumbled
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