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Pagan Gathering Show Rules

The following are the show rules that everyone must follow toparticipate in the Beltane Gathering 2024 event. Registering for the event as a vendor or reader implies agreement.

   All participants agree to:

  • Be kind and inclusive with all vendors, readers and attendees.

  • Remain open for business until 4:00 pm the day of the event.

  • Leave the vending area as clean and neat as you found it. Remove all trash and personal items.

  • Move your vehicle after you load in to a space indicated by our volunteers to allow patrons closer parking.

  • Sell only reasonably safe and legal items. Sales of knives over 6" in length, other weapons or other illegal items are strictly NOT allowed.

  • NO alcohol is allowed at this event. We did not pay for a liquor license. We also do not have sufficient liability insurance.


  • If you need electricity, there are a limited number of spaces we can offer power to. Please understand you may be placed with a window behind you, or a large door. We must work with the outlets as provided. We cannot run extension cords as they present a trip hazaard.

  • You are welcome to bring food/snacks in. We do not have a food vendor on site.

  • There will be water provided during the event. All other drinks you would need to bring in. NO alcohol allowed. 

  • We are working to try and get a few volunteers to be available to watch your space for bathroom breaks and such.

  • There are restrooms in the facility.

  • If for some reason, after registering you are unable to attend the event, if you notify us 30 days in advance, we will refund you money in full. If you notify us less than 30 days in advance, and we are able to get a replacement from our wait list, we will also refund you in full. We operate on shoe-wtring budget folks! If you cancel last minute, it's likely you will not get your fee back.

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