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Sled Incense Burner, Stick Burner, Irish Incense Burner, Triquetra Symbol Sled, Black Sled Burner, Wooden Sled Burner with Pentacle

The "sled" incense burner is common among incense lovers for a reason - it works! Also they tend to be affordable, easy to use and easy to store. What more could you ask? Well how about a really cool design and a modern take on this classic tool.


This burner is matte black, and has one of two bold, Celtic inspired designs down the body of the burner in white. It ends in either a Trquetra (Celtic triple knot) or a Pentacle. The design is crisp and simple, for lovers of minimalism and of course lovers of black and Celtic design!


Burners are light weight wood, designed to catch the ash from stick incense. These are not designed for use with cones or charcoal as the wood would burn.


Listing is for one wooden incense ash catcher.

Wooden Sled Burner in Two Designs

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