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Satyr Cologne, Essential Oil Cologne, Masculine Essential Oil Roll-on, Woodsy Scent, Men's Fragrance


This is a roll-on bottle of essential oil personal scent. This one is very masculine, with deep woody notes and other scents that add to the masculine effect. The essential oils are blended with organic, fractionated coconut oil so the scent is ready to use directly on your skin.


Deep, woody notes Patchouli, Vetiver and other woods are the long lasting "base" of this masculine scent. The "heart" contains notes of Cedar and some greener notes - the top has a surprising hint of orang-y citrus to round out this warm, masculine fragrance.


Inspired by the Beltane pagan holiday, this scent was designed as a masculine scent to compliment the Nymph fragrance I created. The universe loves balance! And all florals need a counterpart of deep, woody earth notes. 


Made with pure essential oils and no synthetics, this lovely scent will meld with your own body chemistry to make an unforgettable personal scent!


Cologne comes in a handy 10 ml roll-on bottle. Metal roller ball ensures smooth functioning through the life of the scent bottle.  The scent is all blended in skin safe proportions, and ready to wear!


Please always do a small skin test before applying liberally. Some people have skin sensitivity to new oils and it's always best to try a small area at first.


The carrier oil for this personal fragrance is organic fractionated coconut oil.


You will receive one 10 ml bottle of Satyr essential oil scent.

Satyr Men's Essential Oil Fragrance

SKU: satyrscent
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