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Palo Santo Cone Incense, Dhoop Palo Santo Cones


The literal trasnlation for Palo Santo is "Holy Wood". This incense comes pretty close to the scent of the actual wood. We do sell ethically harvested Palo Santo also. That can be found here:

   Palo Santo Wood


This smooth, enticing Palo Santo incense comes directly from India. These little boxes are packaged with their own little incense tile in the box to use as a burner! I recommend putting their tile on another item like an ashtray or stone to protect surfaces from the heat as the cone burns.


An affordable and easy option for incense lovers, long lasting, smooth burning Satya incense has been a staple for incense lovers for many years.

Box contains 12 cones plus small tile burner.

Satya Palo Santo Cone Incense

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