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Beltane Offering Herbs, Beltane Incense, Handcrafted Beltane Offering, Herb and Essential Oil Incense

The first incense used by the ancients was made from herbs, flowers, resins and precious oils. And all good incense today is made the same way. 


This Beltane offering incense was hand-crafted for the Sabbat Box for Beltane 2021. 


This incense was crafted in sacred space, during the waxing moon.  It is designed to burn on indoor charcoal tablets, such as Three Kings, available here.  


Beltane is the Spring Rite for anyone who practices Wicca, Celtic magick and many other forms of Witchcraft. Beltane is the time to bless the planting and the animals, and to engage in marriage and fertility rites of all kinds.  This is the time for magick around creativity!


This hand-crafted Beltane incense has been created with creativity and joyous celebration in mind! An abundance of dried flowers, essential oils and some Dragons Blood resin are added to celebrate the coming of the summer, the warm season (in the Northern Hemisphere), and time for abundance and fresh produce!


Ingredients include: Roses, Cinquefoil, Meadowsweet, Blackberry, Elder flowers and essential oils of marigold, cedar, honesuckle, myrrh and lilac.


Put a pinch on charcoal. A little goes a long way!  


Lovely for Beltane, but also a wonderful scent for year round use.


Note: This information in for entertainment purposes only.

Sabbat Incense: Beltane/May Eve

SKU: AWSabIncenseBeltane
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