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Litha Spray, Room Spray, Witch's Sabbat Room Spray, Witchy Spray, Witches Clearing Spray, Litha Sabbat Spray


Each month, when the moon is full, I charge pure, distilled water under the moon.  That is the base for the clearing sprays we sell at Arachne's Web. Distilled water, charged under the moon, combined with essential oils and gemstones and crystals. That's it. No additives, no colors or dyes.


This year's Litha spray is a rich mix of early summer florals with a woody undertone. Summer flowers heavy with evening dew - just kissed by the hands of the fairies! This is for Midsummer! 


This is yummy blend of flowers like Lavender, Chamomile and Heliotrope, with notes of Bay Laurel and the whisper of earthy Patchouli (if you can pick it out, you've got a good nose!). This is a scent fit for the royal court of the fairies!  Designed to shift the mind to playful and romantic for this longest night of the year! 


The stones are Emerald, Lapis, Tiger's Eye and Jade with quartz. All sacred to Litha.


Spray is shipped with a screw top, and sealed. A sprayer is shipped with it. This is to prevent leaking during shipping. Simply take the screw top off, and screw the sprayer on and you're ready to enjoy your Litha spray!


Please always test a small area to ensure you have no sensitivity to essential oils before spraying a lot on the skin. Although it is safe and dilute, it is still good to test. And always test fabrics for staining before spraying directly on drapes and furniture.


Shake well before each use to combine the oils and water.


You will receive a 4 ounce bottle of Sabbat room spray.  Packaged in a PET plastic bottle to save on shipping weight. These are super easy to reuse!  Just rinse them out, then fill with water and any essential oils you choose to make a new spray. 


Note: These statements are for entertainment purposes only.

Sabbat Clearing Spray: Litha

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