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Labradorite Palm Stones, Large Labradorite disks, Gorgeous Labradorite, Labradorite Altar Stones, Labradorite Witch's Stones


Labradorite is one of my favorite stones. Really good Labradorite reminds me of a storm cloud. You can see thef lashes of light in the dark stones.  Really beautiful.


This batch are really nice with lots of flash.  These are also a good size as shown in the second image with the U.S quarter for scale.  Some pictures are better than others.  I tried, but these flash at different angles. Each stone is sompletely unique!




Planets:         Neptune, Pluto, Uranus     
Zodiac:          Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio
Element:       Water       
Energy:          Feminine   
Chakras:       Brow, Crown, Heart, Sacral, Throat


Magickal Properties:


Awareness, balance, clarity, confidence, connections, courage, destiny, dream work, energy, (personal) growth, inspiration, intuition, magic, mindfulness, motivation, (listen to) inner voice, (contact) spirits, (relieve) stress, success, transformation, visions and wisdom. 




Also called Balck Moonstone because of it’s brilliant flashes (this is not correct - there is another stone called black moonstone), Labradorite was first discovered in the 1700’s in Labrador, Canada. It has since been found in many other places around the world. 


One legend says the Northern Lights were once trapped inside Labradorite. A brave warrior released them by breaking the stones with his spear. The stones that were not hit are said to carry the Northern Lights to this day.


Note: This information is for entertainment purposes only.

Labradorite Palm Stones

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