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Triquetra Chalice, Witch's Triquetra Chalice, Blue Chalice with Silver Etched Triquetra Celtic Design, Witchy Altar Chalice


The Chalice is one of the iconic tools of the Witch's altar. It symbolizes the element of water.

This lovely Chalice in cobalt blue has a wonderful triquetra design from my husband, Marcel R. Dion, etched into the glass, then enamelled in metallic silver! This beautiful design was created specifically for these Chalices.


Glass is  7" tall, and 2.75" in diameter. It holds approximately 8 ounces of liquid when filled. 

Solid blue glass is from Libby, an old and well known name in glass manufacture. The glasses are then brought to our studio and hand etched with this lovely design. Once the etching is complete, the glass goes back to the drawing table where it is hand inked with enamelm then it is baked to ensure a long lasting, permanent finish.


Note: While technically dishwasher safe, I don't recommend putting any stem ware in the dishware as over time it may continue to etch from hard water and harsh soaps.

Etched and Enameled Triquetra Chalice

SKU: triquetraetchedchalice
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