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Vetiver Root Powder, Witchy Herbs, Vetiver Root for Magick, Vetiver Root for Spells, Witch's Herb Vetiver Root Powder for Incense


Vetiver root is said to have properties to help overcome evil spells. Also use din powders, sachets and incense for love, success and money spells. Try putting some in a cash register or your wallet to increase business! Sometimes burned in anti-theft incenses.


This packet contains one oz. of powdered Vetiver, ethically harvested and grown in India, suitable for burning on charcoal or combining in homemade incense.


Packet shown holds 1 oz by weight of Vetiver powder.


Note: This Vetiver is meant for incense. This is not a food grade herb and should not be used internally. It is intended to burn.




Latin:               Chrysopogon zizanioides
Gender:          Masculine
Planetary:      Venus, Saturn
Element:         Earth
Zodiac:           Capricorn


Magical Properties:

Love, seduction, prosperity, healing, hex breaking, increase the power of a spell

Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Vetiver Root, Dried and Powdered for Magick

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