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Loose Meadowsweet Herb, Witchy Herbs, Meadowsweet for Magick, Meadowsweet for Spells, Witch's Herb Meadowsweet




Latin:                Filipendula ulmaria
Element:         Air, Water
Celebration:  Beltane
Gender:          Feminine
Planet:            Jupiter
Goddess:      Aine


Magickal Properties & Uses:


Balance, divination, favors, happiness, harmony, healing, the home, (encourage) love, luck, peace, power and security.


Meadowsweet is a lovely herb, also known as "Queen of the Meadow" in some books. It is sacred to Beltane, so makes a nice ingredient for incense or offerings on that holiday. Also use it for rituals or bottles or bowls for any of the intents listed under Magickal uses.


You will receive one ounce of meadowsweet, and the information from this listing on a card suitable for a card file for your records.



Note: This information is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Meadowsweet Herb, Dried for Spells

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