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Samhain Clearing Spray, Samhain Blessing Mist, Essential Oil Spray, Halloween Spray, Witch's Ritual Spray


Crafted during the Full Blood Moon at the start of October, this spray was created with the intension of opening the veil for ancestor work during the Samhain season.


The spray is made from Distilled water, charged under the full moon, then essential oils are added, and gemstone chips and crystals are added for their energy as well. The resulting spray is crystal clear, and because of the essential oils, should be resistant to any bacteria or mold for well over a year.Each spray is 4 oz. shipped tightly capped, with the sprayer enclosed to avoid any leaking during shipping.


Stones in each spray: * Quartz crystal for it's ability to amplify * Carnelian for it's sacred association to Samhain * Obsidian for it's protective powerEssential oils include:Mugwort - sacred to Samhain and for it's ability to encourage VisionBay for it's association with banishing and divination.


Cinnamon for it's ability to amplify magick!


Please Note that Cinnamon can cause skin irritation for some people. For this reason, please test a small amount before spraying liberally on your skin.


Shake gently each time you use the spray to ensure oils are properly mixed.Please test before using on fabrics, as oils may stain.


Note: This information is for entertainment purposes only.

Sabbat Clearing Spray: Samhain

SKU: SamhainSabbatSpray
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