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This is a wonderful print, one of my favorites!


Marcel "Mars" R. Dion is my husband and partner in Arachne's Web. He is also a tremendously talented artist in multiple mediums. He does calligraphy, graphic design for our packaging and for etched glassware, and he does fantasy art work!


This piece shows young Witch being test at her "Final Exam". Her magick book floats in the air in front of her, and her trusty wand is at the ready. Her instructors, a variety of Witches and Wizards gather around at a safe distance to watch as she shows mastery of her spell.


The details in this piece are just wonderful. I especially love the instructor absently patting the cat while they watch.


The lighting has a blue cast, as if lit by moonlight. The shadows are deep and dark. It's just wonderful.


This piece was done entire as a digital work. The digital "painting" took many hours to complete, but the end result was worth it!


This is an archival, Giclee print done on 100% rag archival paper. This will last and maintain it's rich, lovely color for many years to come.


Image size if 11 x 14 with an additional white border area, suitable for a 16 x 20 frame with a mat.


Signed and numbered by the artist, this is a limited run. once the top number is reached, Mars will delete the digital files permanently.


Ships in a round, rigid tube. When the print arrives, lay it flat for a few days before framing.

The Final Exam, Giclee Giclee Print by Marcel "Mars" R. Dion

SKU: finalexamprint
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