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Cast Iron Incense Burner, Sage Burner, Adaptable Incense Burner, Burner for Stick, Cone and Sage!

This is a wonderful little burner, one of our best sellers of all time.


Sturdy cast iron will last a lifetime. It is small - 4.25" in length, by 2" in width, by just under 1.5" tall. So this petite burner is a natural for smaller spaces.


And, because this is five burners in one, it is also a great minimalist choice. This one burner works for:


  • Stick incense (with the little adaptor piece)
  • Cone
  • Sage
  • Palo Santo
  • Charcoal with resin or loose incense


It does it all!


When you want to burn stick incense, place the little adaptor piece in the burner and put a stick into one of the holes. 


When you want to burn other types of incense, set the adaptor aside in a safe place and use the main burner for any other type of incense.


You receive one adaptable incense burner for all kinds of incense.

Cast Iron 3 Leg Burner

SKU: 3legburner
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