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Spirit Incense, Stick Incense, Witch's Incense Sticks, Pagan Incense, Wiccan Incense, Spiritual Incense


Arachne's has a new incense!  We have finally gotten ready to launch our final elemental incense!  Spirit is here and ready to go!


Designed to facilitate our connection to the spirit realm, our Spirit incense sticks fill any room with sweet smoke to enhance spiritual awareness. Burn incense to expose the spirits that dwell within a place or help you look inward, and of course in meditation it is traditional.


Handcrafted, high quality, charcoal based incense.


Use in your favorite spells or rituals, to cleanse ritual tools, space or yourself, or just to enhance your witchy atmosphere!


Bag contains 16 sticks of incense.  Each stick has a burn time of approximately 30 minutes.


Made in USA.


Note: This information in for entertainment purposes only.

Arachne's Web Spirit Incense Sticks

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