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What Sign is the Moon in, and what does it mean in Magic?

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

What's a Moon Sign?

We are all likely familiar with the astrological signs of the Sun, the 12 signs of the zodiac that are in Horoscopes - but the moon and all the other planets have a sign too! Each planet in your Natal chart (a chart of where all the planets were at the time of your birth) was in a specific sign when you were born. That sign is YOUR moon sign.

There is more to it though, because the moon is in a specific sign all the time. And the moon moves fairly quickly through the chart as it rotates around the Earth on a fairly short cycle. That means the moon sign changes about every day or two. This is the sign the moon is in on ANY GIVEN DAY.

The impact of the Moon is felt in YOUR moon sign as it influences your emotions and how your emotional life will progress. The impact of the moon sign each day has an influence on all of us and on what we do, how we think, what works well vs. what is challenging. And the moon sign can impact our manifestation and our magic - maybe most of all.

How to Tell what Sign the Moon is in

I use a calendar called the Witches Calendar, from Llewellyn that I get every year. I also get the Astrology Calendar (which captures this information also) and use it a lot too. Both of these are nice tools, but to use them you will find it helpful to learn the symbols for the planets and the signs. Symbols for the interactions between the planets like "conjunctions", "sextiles", "trines" and "squares" can be covered later if you are interested - leave a comment below. These calendars include keys and some intro information to teach you about these interactions and symbols.If you would prefer to use something online, I just found this nifty page:

I expect there are also apps for your phone, but I just have my Witches Calendar hanging in my office beside my desk for handy reference. I also get the Witches Datebook from Llewellyn, but it doesn't fit well in my purse, so I have found I don't often carry it...which makes it less useful. And, if you are in "the broom closet", having a book called "The Witches Datebook" in your bag could cause some uncomfortable questions!

However you find the sign of the Moon, let's assume you have found it and talk about how it impacts magic!

What impact do Moon Signs have on Magic?

It is true that you can perform a spell any time. And just as a love spell during a waning moon may work, it is also true that a love spell during an Aquarius moon may work. I however, have always liked to increase the odds...It is more likely that a spell intended to bring something to you, to INCREASE something in your life, will be assisted and helped by the energy of a WAXING moon. The energy of the WAXING moon is about attraction, increase, it is pulling energy.

Likewise the energy of the WANING moon is about REDUCTION, lessening, pushing away. This is a good time for a ritual to end a relationship or ties that seem unhealthy and no longer serve you.The sign the moon is in can also be helpful. some signs have more affinity with some works than others. This doesn't mean that if you are an Aquarius, you can't find love or be romantic - far from it! What it does mean is that a moon in Aquarius is not really the ideal moon for a love spell. A moon in Aquarius is a super time for a spell to start an intellectual pursuit, like starting back to school, or starting in a technical hobby or field. Think of what the sign rules, and apply it to the work you wish to do.

Looking at the chart below, if I wanted to perform a spell to draw abundance and wealth, I'd be looking for an Earth moon in a waxing of full phase. I might work in another sign if the WAY I want to draw the wealth is let's say I wanted to become rich and famous as a You Tube personality talking about high tech. Well then an Aquarius moon might be just the ticket! But if I am after solid, financial stability, I'd look for a waxing Earth moon like Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Although Cancer isn't bad either. Make sense?

So what if I wanted to do a spell to attract love into my life? Well it kind of depends on what you are after here. If you are after LOVE, including solidity and long term commitment, I'd go for an Earth or Water sign moon, waxing. If you are really just looking for sex...well then Fire moons might be good. Scorpio can be pretty intense and work well for all things sexual too. Look over the chart below. There are listings for each astrological sign and what that sign tends to mean for the moon specifically. These meanings are NOT the meanings of the Sun signs necessarily - they are the meanings for the moon in that sign.

The Signs in Astrology and what they control:SymbolSignElement, Cardinality & GenderWhat does the Moon do in that sign, and what impact does it have on Magic?


While it is possible to perform any spell at any time, and I am not saying that you MUST learn about Astrology to make your practice meaningful and strong, the use of knowledge about Astrology has made my practice richer. Learning the meanings of the signs and symbols has made me more confident in my ability to interpret when reading various texts, and has given me insights into plants and other ingredients because of the strong planetary and astrological connections discussed in so many magical books.If you would like to see more article son this subject, please comment below. I would love to write more about this topic, but I want to ensure the subjects here are those most interesting to you!And remember: above all else, the magic is in YOU. You are the ingredient that cannot be edited or replaced. You are the wielder of the energy and power that will manifest your intent.

Bright blessings!



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